When a client chooses to license a stock image from our library, we take into careful consideration the way the image is going to be used, the number of images to be licensed, and several other factors before a quote is established. We have put together a list of the typical uses of our stock photos here. For a quote, please contact us. If you do not see the definition of what you will be using our photographs for, please contacts us, we will assess your needs and get back to you as soon as possible.

Home and personal uses, i.e. screen savers, personal stationary, invitations, greeting cards, school projects, and personal artistic reference. No commercial, business, for profit, resale or Web page use.

Personal Web Page
Use on your personal World Wide Web page or online service. (If your Web page is of a commercial nature, i.e. to promote, advertise, or sell a product or service, please refer to the “Business Web page”.)

Business (small) Web page
Use on a World Wide Web page or online service by a small business (under 10 employees), an educational institution or non-profit organization to promote, advertise, sell a product or service, or for public relations.

Business Print – Internal
Short run, “Publishing on Demand” business (including educational institutions) uses for internal distribution. Examples might include: company or club newsletters, manuals, and internal publications.

Business Print – External
Short run, “Publishing on Demand” business uses for external distribution. Examples might include: printed brochures, catalogs, sales flyers, manuals, and promotional post cards. Also includes editorial use in magazines, newspapers and books. It does NOT include the use in magazine or newspaper print advertising, or use on any product for sale, or product package design.

Business Display – Internal
Display prints for internal use. Examples might include: Office decor prints, P.O.P (point of purchase) displays and banners within your company store or institution. Does NOT include use in displays outside of company owned buildings, i.e. as trade shows, conventions, and shopping mall common areas.

Electronic – Non-Resale
Electronic Kiosks and similar electronic presentation devices. Also includes corporate/educational internal presentation use, i.e. slide presentations, computer slide show or video presentations, multimedia, etc., which are viewed within an organization and are not published externally or produced for resale.

Electronic – Resale
For use in electronic (digital image) products that are sold to the public, i.e. inter-active CD-ROM, educational and entertainment products, games, screen saver products, and general software.